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Telangana SSC Results After May 10: Official

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Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Telangana State (TS), will release the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Class 10 public examination results after May 10, according to an official. An official from the SSC Board or BSE Telangana, as it is also referred to as, has told NTDV that the evaluation process is over and the Telangana SSC results’ releasing date has not been fixed yet. The official said it takes normally fifteen dates after the evaluation to release the TS BSE results. The TS BSE SSC exams were held from March 16 to April 2. The Telangana BSE results will be released on and

The TS BSE had released Telangana SSC results on April 27 last year. The TS SSC results saw 83 percentage students qualifying the exams for higher education.

Telangana SSC Result 2019: Know How To Check

Follow the steps given here to check your TS BSE results for Class 10 annual examinations held in March and April:

Step 1: Visit the official websites

Step 2: Click on the TS SSC result link

Step 3: Enter the roll number and/ or date of birth (Students should keep their admit card in hand)

Step 4: Submit the details

Take a printout of the online mark sheet

Protests over TS Inter results

Meanwhile, protests are continuing in the state over the alleged goof-up in Intermediate exam results with state BJP president K Laxman continuing his indefinite fast and Congress vowing keep up its fight till justice is done to affected students, reported Press Trust of India (PTI). BJP has called for a bandh on May 2.

The Congress Tuesday said it would keep up its fight till justice is done to the students.

AICC in-charge of Congress affairs in Telangana R CKhuntia in a statement alleged that the government had not responded to the protests and only tried to put them down.

The exams were held in February and March this year and the results were declared on April 18.

Ever since the results were announced, many students and parents have been approaching the TSBIE office, alleging goof-up in the paper valuation, reported PTI.

While some students claimed they had either failed or got poor marks though they had performed well, parents of others said their wards are meritorious and expressed shock that they failed in the exams or had scored very less marks.

The Telangana High Court had on Monday directed the state government and TSBIE to re-tally by May 8, marks of over three lakh of the nine lakh students declared failed and submit a report to it.

The government constituted three member committee of technical experts, tasked with looking into the charges of discrepancies in the declaration of results, had in its report pointed out some lapses and suggested steps for improvement.

The Chief Minister has already directed the officials not to charge any fee for re-verfication and re-counting from failed students.

The government has also announced that failed students need not apply for re-counting and re-verification. Thousands of students, who passed the exams, have also applied for re-verification.

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